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BMW – Emergency Med-Evac Vessel Response Service

BMW Vessel Response is a dynamic and ambitious Emergency Med-Evac Vessel Response Service that has proven our company has what it takes to get the job done. We were created in late 2015, at the request of a local Port Canaveral cruise line. Our service is literally a, “One of a Kind,” growing business that is anticipating major growth and expansion over the next few years throughout Florida’s East Coast Ports and the U.S. Caribbean Islands.

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If you are interested in our Emergency Med-Evac Vessel Response Services just give us a call.

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BMW Vessel Respose is a unique service, provided by experienced and licensed captians.

Best Boats

We use military grade boats to ensure fast and safe transport of sick or injured people.

Military Grade

Contact us if you would like to know more about the boats we use .

Fast Response

We work closely with our clients to ensure our services are the fastest possible solution.

Time Matters

In life or death situations every second counts, and we respond quickly.

A New Fleet of BMW Vessel Response Boats

With anticipated growth comes the hiring of more talented, licensed captains, along with purchasing more heavy duty emergency response boats. Currently, we are working with a boat builder who will be designing and then creating our heavy duty, “BMW 35 Response Boat.” We call it the BMW 35RB, which will be designed specifically for our Emergency Med-Evac Vessel Response Service.

This boat builder has designed multiple prototype boats for the military, so they have to be tough to meet the military requirements. Their boats are designed specifically for what the customer needs and, therefore, their boats are deployed all over the world.

BMW Vessel Response Boat

One of a Kind

Licensed Captains

Emergency Med-Evac

About BMW Vessel Response LLC.

United States Coast Guard licensed captains experienced in emergency vessel operations and working around large ships. We have captains that have served in the United States Coast Guard or as marine patrol officers with state and local law enforcement.

BMW Vessel Response Boat

Florida’s East Coast

Currently working out of Port Canaveral we will soon be expanding to ports up and down Florida’s East Coast.

U.S. Caribbean Islands

We are available to provide service to ports in the U.S. Virgin Islands including Saint Thomas and San Juan, contact us for more details on our service areas.

BMW Vessel Response Clients

Victory Casino Cruises
Victory Casino Cruises
Victory Casino Cruises
Victory Casino Cruises

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