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Our United States Coast Guard licensed captains are experienced in emergency vessel operations and have worked around large ships throughout their careers. Some of our captains have served in the United States Coast Guard, and others have served as marine patrol officers with state and local law enforcement agencies. Our captains have years of experience, operating many vessel platforms, from the standard Coast Guard small boats and rescue response vessels to large motor yachts and tugs.

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About BMW Vessel Response

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Our service provides the local cruise and cargo lines a safe and fast contracted emergency med-evac vessel response service. We are capable of removing critical injured or ill passengers or crew members from your ship while off-shore. Our service transports them to shore and turns them over to advanced life support rescue personnel who will then transport them to a local hospital or trauma center.

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William Bill Willis

Captain William Bill Willis

Captain William “Bill” Willis started his professional career as a Police Officer in 1996. Then, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, he began his maritime policing career in 2004 with the Sanford Police Department performing marine patrol operations in the St. Johns River.

Gary Doug Kroeck

Captain Gary Doug Kroeck

Captain Gary “Doug” Kroeck grew up on the Lakes of the Ozarks, in Missouri, and has been around boats his entire life. He has operated many types of boats and vessels that range in size from jet skis, sailboats, crew boats, towing vessels, and even a 120 ft. ferry. He spent five years as the captain on a 35 ft. Tug, operating daily in Port Canaveral, escorting and assisting a contracted ship.

Joseph Joe Fulk

Captain Joseph Joe Fulk

Captain Joseph “Joe” Fulk is a retired United States Coast Guard Boatswains Mate, having served 23 years of dedicated and honorable service. He has operated many boats and vessels that range from 17 ft. to 65 ft., and ships that range from 110 ft. all the way to 378 ft., in all sorts of heavy weather conditions where his experience in using navigational electronics has lead to a safe return to port.

Captain John

Captain John Samples

Captain John is retired from the United States Coast Guard after 26 years of honorable service as Chief Machinery Technician. During his years of service, he has operated many boats that range in size from 17 ft to 55 ft, and ships that range in size from 87 ft to 110 ft. He served as the Chief Engineer on two United States Coast Guard Cutters, and also served as a law enforcement officer where he was involved in seizing over 100,000 pounds of illegal drugs.

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