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About Captain Fulk

Captain Joseph “Joe” Fulk is a retired United States Coast Guard Boatswains Mate, having served 23 years of dedicated and honorable service. He has operated many boats and vessels that range from 17 ft. to 65 ft., and ships that range from 110 ft. all the way to 378 ft., in all sorts of heavy weather conditions where his experience in using navigational electronics has lead to a safe return to port.

Over 500 Boater Rescues

During those 23 years of service, he has performed over 500 rescues of boaters in distress and performed the rescues with precision and expertise. He has been stationed up and down the east coast of the United States, from New York to the Florida Keys, and has spent time in the Texas Gulf Coast. He was also a Federal Law Enforcement Officer in the United States Coast Guard in which he did enforcement operations that included vessel and ship intercepts for smuggling and marine fisheries enforcement.

100 Gross Ton Master Captains License

He currently holds a 100 Gross Ton Master Captains license with a towing endorsement issued by the United States Coast Guard. He has been in business for himself for the last several years delivering yachts from the manufacturer, like Sea Ray, and delivers them to their new owners in different locations around the country. He is also, “On Call For Life”, for your cruise line 24/7/365.

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