BMW Vessel Response’s Second Cruise Ship Heart Attack Call

Heart Attack on Cruise Ship

The “REEL RESPONDER,” is Always “On Call For Life”

On Monday, December 26th, at 8:23 PM, Captain Bill Willis received the call for assistance from the Captain of Victory 1 and was advised of a 53-year-old female suffering from a heart attack. He responded quickly and safely to the designated location, a little over 3 miles offshore and north of the channel, where he made contact with Victory 1. The patient was backboarded and unable to move under her own power, which made for a more challenging transfer.

The patient was then safely transferred and transported to Freddie Patrick Park Boat Ramp. Cape Canaveral Fire Rescue and Brevard County Fire Rescue were already on the scene where they recovered the patient and transported her to Cape Canaveral Hospital for care and treatment. BMW Vessel Response responded to this major medical incident precisely as planned, and we are excited that we had the opportunity to save another life and help someone in need.

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